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We offer outstanding K-12 education to students aged 2 to 18 years old. All students around the globe are welcome to apply for admission.
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"The IB programme aims not only to develop students’ knowledge in a range of subjects and disciplines, but also to help them become confident, self-motivated, and resilient global citizens."

International Summit for Cultivating Innovators in ISA Wuhan

What kind of talent will the future society need? In the face of unprecedented changes, what kind of training will be more suitable for the future? What will be the soul and spirit of an international school? During the International Summit for Cultivating Innovators which ended on December 2, ISA Wuhan School invited top academicians, famous scholars, university professors and doctors from prominent schools as part of the Expert Committee of ISAIEG Centre for Cultivating Innovators (Wuhan). They answered tough questions by providing insightful, forward thinking answers.

Congratulations to Alice YeolMae Pak from ISA Wuhan School on her offers and scholarships to the world’s top music and theatre schools!

Congratulations to Alice YeolMae Pak from ISA Wuhan School on her offers and scholarships to the world's top music and theatre schools! Alice has gained admission to the Royal Academy of Music (University of London) and has been shortlisted by the Royal College of Music, which is ranked number one in the world in terms of music colleges and represents the highest achievement of music colleges in the world!

Event Review | ISA Innovation Day

On 5th August 2023, the six-week summer camp of ISA Wenhua Wuhan High School ended successfully. The camp provided students with a variety of learning experiences, including robotics, 3D printers, and musical theatre, in addition to basic courses, which opened up the students' horizons and stimulated their creativity and passion for learning. The upperclassmen fully demonstrated their talents and what they learnt during the summer camp at the closing ceremony, bringing a feast of science and technology as well as audio-visual performances! 2023年8月5日,为期六周的武汉爱莎高中暑期营成功落幕。这次暑期营为学生们提供了丰富多彩的学习体验,除基础课程外,还涵盖了机器人研究、3D打印机、音乐剧等多个领域,为学生们开拓了眼界,激发了他们的创造力和学习热情。高一新生们在结营仪式上充分展示了他们的才华和在暑期营期间的学习成果,为大家带来了一场科技与视听的盛宴,让我们一起来看看他们的精彩表现吧!

ISA Wenhua Primary Promotion Ceremony & Student Personal Achievement Exhibition

On 25 June, ISA Wuhan Wenhua Primary School held a grand and academic Student Personal Achievement Exhibition & Promotion Ceremony. At this event, Grade 5 students presented the results of their year of study. They have selected the six IB themes, carried out globally relevant inquiry activities, and explored, probed, and took action in their process.

2023 ISA Wuhan Festival Fundraising Overview

With the theme of "Era of Exploration", the event brought together all members of the ISA family and the guests, including teachers, students, parents, members of overseas business associations, well-known enterprises, and other members of society came to ISA Wuhan School, jointly sharing a sensory feast of multicultural integration through various activities such as visual arts exhibition, diversify culture bazaar, display of student’s work, and creative flash mob.


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