On December 5th, ISA International Education Group (ISAIEG) Wuhan Project held the Foundation Stone Ceremony at Fengling 4th Road. This project, designed by CPG Singapore as a world-class standard, is committed to providing the top international education in Huazhong Area.



Board Director of ISAIEG Mr. Wang Haobo briefly introduced the Wuhan project, and Mr. Craig Boyce, Director of Education(International) of ISAIEG shared ISA’s educational concept. “ISA Wuhan will enrich the international education level in Wuhan from many aspects such as facilities, teachers, curriculums, guildings on art & sport abilities and etc.” Mr. Boyce emphasised. Former director of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Sun highly complemented ISA Wuhan International School and Jingkai Distrct government leaders placed great expectations on ISA Wuhan’s establishment and future development as well. Mr. Peng, Member of Wuhan Standing Committee & Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jingkai Distrct announced the construction of ISA Wuhan officially begins.


▲Mr. Wang Haobo (Board Director of ISAIEG)


▲Ms. Huang Liping (General Manager of ISA Wuhan Investment)


▲Mr. James Morris (Head of ISA Wuhan School)


▲Mr. Craig Boyce (Director of Education (International) of ISAIEG)


▲Mr. Sun Xiaobing (Former director of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China; Executive president of Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy)


▲Mr. Wang Yang (Deputy Director of Management Committee of Wuhan Economics & Technological Development Zone)



ISA Wuhan International School is located in Jingkai district next to Zhushan Road metro station and beside the Yangtse River. It is combined with a foreign national school of kindergarten to grade 12 and an independent foreign language school, a home for 4000 students. The school will officially launch in 2022 as planned.




ISAIEG is dedicated to providing the world’s top international education and committed to providing an environment of multi-national cultural integration. It adheres to the principle of “holistic education, life-long learning and cultivating world citizens with global competitiveness” education philosophy. ISA students’ major educational framework is IB curriculum implemented with the essences of Western type of education and Chinese traditional culture as well.



ISAIEG owns a world-class education team and rich school-operating experience. It has already managed to successfully operates two foreign national schools in Guangzhou and a pre-IB Diploma Programme partnership project with the Guangzhou Foreign Language School. With the officially launching of ISA Wuhan, it shall bring the international education of Huazhong Area into a brand-new chapter and provides a world-class education opportunity to the society.